Collaborative Research

Collaborate directly with HCRF affiliated researchers serving as Co-PI’s or Co-I’s on developing grant and contract proposals; obtaining IRB approval; conducting the clinical trials; data management and analysis; presenting results; and publishing research findings.

Fee For Service

Work with the HCRF directors and staff to coordinate collection of data on independently designed, funded, and managed clinical trials on a fee for service basis.

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Collaboration Option

  • Consult on research design and methods
  • Provide support for grant development and submission
  • Obtain IRB approval and maintain regulatory compliance
  • Participant recruitment, familiarization, and enrollment
  • Conduct clinical research trials
  • Provide expeditious data analysis, interpretation, and presentation of results
  • Publish research findings in peer-reviewed scientific publications
  • Assist in translating research findings to the media and public.

Fee For Service Option

  • Provide information necessary for IRB submission
  • Collect project specific data on IRB approved protocols on a fee for service basis
  • Organize and provide data to PI for independent analysis, presentation, and publication