Project TAPP

Teaching, Autism, and Practitioner Preparation 


Training on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Applied Behavior Analysis


Tailored for the unique needs of Paraprofessionals


Provided at no cost


Two day workshops/12 hours of training


Topics include: Intro to Autism and Applied behavior analysis, responding to problem behavior, identifying motivation versus skill deficits, increasing independence, prompting, communication supports, and small group instruction strategies


Funding for substitute teachers available while paraprofessionals participate.

HOw it works

With just a few simple steps you can sign up for us to provide these workshops for your School, ISD, or Region.


We ask you to “host” the workshops by linking info to your training website and recruiting from your organization. We can provide you with recruitment materials to send out.


We will work with you to identify a mutually beneficial time to schedule the workshops. They are offered on a first come first-served basis so please sign up soon!


We provide 6 half-day workshops across 3 consecutive (preferably) weekdays. We also provide all materials both electronically provided and mailed to participants.

3 Month Follow-up

We also provide weekly follow-up support for three months! Our support is individualized to each participant from weekly email check-ins to one-to-one coaching.